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✯Release Review✯Jag (Diablo’s Throne #2) by HJ Bellus

Title: JAG
Series: Diablo's Throne MMA #2
Author: HJ Bellus
Genre: MMA Romance
Publisher: Crave Publishing
Release Date: April 17, 2018 

No matter how fast he runs, there’s one thing Jag can’t escape.
His past. 
It has the power to destroy the man he’s worked so hard to become.
Jag is slated to be the next MMA champion. It’s been years in the making. The hype surrounding his prized fight is ignited by his charismatic personality and smoldering good looks. 
But it’s all a shield protecting the storm brewing inside of him...
And now, there’s a new girl in town Jag can’t seem to stay away from. She’s quiet, mysterious, and sexy as sin. 
His demons. Her secrets. They collide when least expected.

✯✯5 Spongebob Filled Stars!!✯✯

Omg HJ Bellus!!! I fell for Jag in Cruz and I’ve fallen even deeper for him. He’s still the Jag I fell for but I never realized everything he’d been thru. 

If you were curious to see how Jag became Boss and Layla’s adopted son/brother well you’ll find out. Yup. It gutted me. I’m glad Boss stopped Jag all those years ago. 

Jag hasn’t had it easy. When Boss saves him and explains to him the proper way to fight he makes a promise to Boss and himself to use his fists for good. But, it took Jag awhile to get it straight. He was at the top of his game until he let his dad get into his head and it messed him up. 

When Jag hits rock bottom he heads to the bar where he runs into Sunni. He knows her from working as a waitress at the diner, but never knew she worked here too. It’s then he realizes his feelings are there for her. OMG I’d of loved to have been in the parking lot when he was drunk, I’m just saying lol. 

When Boss, Layla, Cruz and the rest of Jags fighting family show him the love and support he needs to step up to the one person who can get under his skin. Jag feels rejuvenated and goes to get Sunni. He wants her. 

Sunni has laid low since she moved to this town. She’s found a cheap apartment and 2 jobs that pay her under the table. But, when Jag comes into her life and wants her she can’t say no. She knows she must either tell Jag the truth or let him go. But, he makes it so hard for her to leave. Sunni has to figure it out bc the wolf is in sheeps clothing and ready to attack to take her, Jag, Boss and everyone she considers family down. 

Holy cow! This book I read in one sitting. No joke I thought I knew Sunni’s secret. But... HJ Bellus shocked me bc I wasn’t expecting what I got. 

I love the guys from this MMA world. And, their leader Boss he had me tearing up multiple times. There was so many good, laughable, tearful, painful moments in this book. You have to pick it up. I’m waiting for the next guy to step up bc I’m ready!!!

The announcer booms over the speaker. “Your hometown boy. The one your momma warns you about and the same one who can charm you out of your panties and knock your lights out. Jaaaaaaaaag the Punisher.”

Before the announcer’s deep booming voice ends, the crowd goes fucking wild. Sweat beads form on my forehead, and my stomach dips and dive bombs at the sound of his name. 

“The fuck?” I whisper to myself, looking all around the gym. 

Did they really just fuck up his music? The tune to SpongeBob SquarePants begins playing. I turn to Layla, who is bobbing her head to the music with a smile plastered on her face.

The crowd chants each word to the SpongeBob theme, not missing a beat. Layla screams each word right with them. I’m confused as hell. A sudden screeching sound serenades the gym. The song mixes up, cutting right into the middle of “Straight Out of Compton,” and I find myself shouting each word without second thought. I recognize the song from Jag’s playlist when he’s done cardio in his apartment. The only thing missing is the thumping of his sneakers on his treadmill.

I glance over to Layla with mysterious tears in my eyes as I shout the words. Her expression mirrors mine. Then I spot him. A bobbing black hood trimmed in vibrant teal. Boss and Cruz flank each of his sides. Other Diablo fighters follow right behind. The symbolic image of a family breaks the tears free from my eyes. The amount of pride surging through me is off the charts. 

Jag keeps his head down as he strides to the ring. Halfway there, he picks up his pace into a jog. I giggle, knowing it’s pure Jag. The man has one gear, and that’s overdrive. His crew doesn’t pick up the pace with him, letting Jag take the lead. He leaps into the ring, tearing off his black robe and thrusting his fists into the air.

He beats his chest with his face tilted to the heavens. His mouth is wide open, and by the way his throat bobs, I know he’s screaming at the top of his lungs. Jag has always been a force to be reckoned with, but in this environment, he’s a king. He owns the entire arena. I don’t recognize the man he is right now, but holy hell he owns my heart even though this Jag is a stranger.

He glances down to me, winks, and then takes his corner. I have no doubt he knew I’d be right by Layla. Everything is the same as Trick’s fight. Boss is large and in charge, slapping Jag around and screaming in his face. My chest tightens at the sight. Boss is Jag’s father, and the love expressed between the two is enough to bring the cruelest person to their knees. Boss doesn’t have to love Jag because of a blood bond. No, he chooses to love Jag without judgment. And that’s something you don’t find every day. 

“Layla,” I scream over the buzz of the crowd. “I’m scared.”

She smiles brightly back at me. “You should be.”

I crane my head in question.

“As hard as he fights in this ring tonight is as hard as he’ll fight for you. You should be scared for your heart, Sunni, because once Jag owns it you’re screwed, and I know he loves you.”

It takes me a few seconds to absorb her message. Once it sinks in, the crowd roars to a deafening state. My head whips back to the octagon. Jag and the other man are already dancing around each other. The long hair on the top of Jag’s head bounces back. It’s then I see his opponent connect a punch to his nose. 

The blood dribbles down his face. The other guy gets three more punches in, whipping back Jag’s head. All of my former excitement evaporates. My heart plummets to the cold cement ground, watching the man I love get the shit kicked out of him. Not once does Jag’s jackass grin fade as he takes his punishment. It does nothing to the turmoil brewing inside of me.

“I can’t,” I scream, turning to Layla and burying my face in her shoulder.

Her hand comes up to the side of my head, bracing me in comfort. The sounds of the gym echo around me. Layla’s steady grip keeps me grounded even though the bone-crunching sounds continue. I can’t. I just can’t watch the man who brought me back to life get the shit beat out of him. I squeeze my eyes shut, remembering his knee-weakening grin before his gorgeous face dipped between my legs. I focus on all the good memories that warm my belly.

Layla jumps, causing my head to bounce off her shoulder. Her screams reverberate through my skull. She’s long gone as a post to lean on. Her body bounces up and down, which gives me the courage to look up. 

I glance up. It’s all flashes of black, teal, and red until my vision narrows on Jag. His flexing calves come into view first. Then it’s his taut ass in spandex. It pains me to look at my safe place, his chest. When I do, all I see are his bulging and flexing muscles. A long arm comes out with a brutal force. Jag’s fist connects with the other guy’s jaw. He stutters back. Jag doesn’t stop throwing both arms, one after the other, some connecting and some not.
HJ Bellus is a small-town girl who loves the art of storytelling. When not making readers laugh or cry, she's a part-time livestock wrangler that can be found in the middle of Idaho, shot gunning a beer while listening to some Miranda Lambert on her Beats and rocking out in her boots.

✯Release✯Needing Him(A Bishop Brothers Novel #2)by Kennedy Fox


Evan Bishop is your typical hotshot doctor. Hardass, brooding, and all business. Instead of working on the family ranch, Evan broke the mold and became an ER doctor. He’s good with his hands—in more ways than one—smart as a whip and is the definition of God’s gift to women. Being a gentleman is in his Southern roots, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t flawed. Exclusive dating has never been a top priority and his tragic past makes him stay at arm’s length. Deciding to let loose for a wild night, he takes a page from the Bishop brother’s relationship book and hooks up with a mysterious girl he’ll never have to see again, which is perfect for this self-proclaimed bachelor. Emily Bell is a city girl through and through but is determined to get away from her family and past. All she wants is a fresh start and to make a name for herself in the medical field. No random hookups and no dating coworkers—that’s her new motto after being burned time and again. When she agrees to attend a wedding as a plus-one, she’s soon ditched and left to drink solo—but not for long. Mr. Suit is the ultimate temptation with his Southern charm, messy blond hair, and irresistible sex appeal. Everything about him screams bad news, but he makes her reconsider her rules just for one night. After all, some rules are made to be broken. They want the same thing—one night of passion then they’ll go their separate ways. No cuddling afterward. No next day phone calls. No awkward goodbyes. Too bad the universe has other plans—one that’ll be obvious when they report to work on Monday morning. *A contemporary romance with a little Southern drama. This is book 2 in the Bishop Brothers series. Each book features a different brother and can be read as a complete standalone. HEA guaranteed!* Not suitable for readers under 18 due to adult language and sexual content.    


AMAZON | iBooks | B&N | KOBO


Brooke Cumberland & Lyra Parish are a duo of romance authors who teamed up to write under the USA Today Bestselling pseudonym, Kennedy Fox. They share a love of You’ve Got Mail and The Holiday. When they aren’t bonding over romantic comedies, they like to brainstorm new book ideas. One day, they decided to collaborate and have some fun creating new characters that’ll make your lady bits tingle and your heart melt. If you enjoy romance stories with sexy, tattooed alpha males and smart, independent women, then a Kennedy Fox book is for you! Keep up with all their social media platforms for updates & info!


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✯Release Review w/Giveaway✯The Last Resort Motel: Room Thirteen by D. Kelly

Release Date: April 12, 2018


Never in a million years did Sage Garcia think she would be spending her three-day weekend at The Last Resort Motel with the man she swore off years ago. If she hadn’t agreed to do a favor for her best friend Baxter, she would be enjoying her time off instead of being stuck up on a mountain with him.
After tricking Baxter into picking him up, Gabriel Ross is looking forward to a guys’ weekend. Besides, he can use all the help he can get while he runs the motel restaurant for the weekend. When he opens the door and finds Sage on the other side, he’s anything but disappointed. Too bad he can’t say the same about her. Sage still holds a grudge from a hookup years ago, but Gabe isn’t the boy he was back in the day and is looking forward to proving it to her. With their chemistry burning hotter than ever, will Sage give in and let Gabe make amends? Or will she remain resentful while keeping her heart under lock and key?

✯✯4 Second Chance Stars!!!✯✯

I’ve been a huge fan of D. Kelly since her first book. And, even though I’d wish this was a full length and not a novella I’ll totally take it!!! I loved both Baxter and Sage in The Evolution of Us and glad to get more from them. My fingers are crossed for a book for Baxter still. 

Sage is a busy lawyer and rarely gets time off. But, she’s gotten a rare three day weekend off and hoping to relax. Then, her best friend Baxter calls begging for a favor. A huge, name your first born after me favor. 

Sage drives 10 plus hours to Nevada to a run down hotel room 13 and she’s shocked to find out the friend Baxter needs to get for him is none other then Gabriel Ross. The one and only guy Sage ever loved and the guy who left her without a word and ruined her for any guy who’d come next. 

Gabe has only loved Sage. He didn’t choose to leave her willingly. But, when he did he lost both Sage and his cousin Baxter. He misses his cousin Baxter and truly is ready to tell him the truth about what happened all those years ago and hopes he can tell Sage and pray she’d understand, forgive and they can move forward together. 

So, Gabe figures he’d get Baxter to the hotel where he’s helping his friend Max and Aurora for the weekend. He wants them to work at the hotel for the 3 days and start over. 

When he opens the door to his hotel room, he’s shocked to see Sage there. It’s obvious she didn’t know she was there for him. But, he doesn’t care. Gabe gets Sage to agree to stay and help him run the midnight shift. He plans on telling Sage everything and holding nothing back. He’s just hoping she’ll understand and not hate him. Sage might hate Gabe but he’s always held her heart. She’s open to the weekend and seeing what happens but Gabe’s not sure what Sage will do when she finds out the truth. 

This couple I need and want more from. They’re great!! This really was a second chance romance all the way. I also loved Aurora and Max and plan on going back to their story. Let’s not forget Agnes!!! I’m hoping D. Kelly gives Baxter a book and he’s friendly with Agnes bc their little interactions had me lol they were so funny. Good job Dee!!!




$20 Amazon Gift Card

About the Author

D. Kelly, author of The Acceptance Series, The Illusion Series, and standalone companion novels Chasing Cassidy and Sharing Rylee, was born and raised in Southern California. She’s a wife, mom, dog lover, taxi, problem fixer, and extreme multi-tasker. She married her high school sweetheart and is her kids’ biggest fan. Kelly has been writing since she was young and took joy in spinning stories to her childhood friends. Margaritas and sarcasm make her smile, she loves the beach but hates the sand, and she believes Starbucks makes any day better. A contemporary romance writer, D. Kelly’s stories revolve around friendship and the bond it creates, strengthening the love of the people who share it.

Connect with D. Kelly

Newsletter Sign Up: http://bit.ly/2rDWw81
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✯Release Review w/Giveaway✯Hopelessly Devoted(Sacred Sinners MC - Texas Chapter #3)by Bink Cummings

Title: Hopelessly Devoted
Series: Sacred Sinners MC #3
Author: Bink Cummings
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: April 5, 2018
Pregnant- ✔ Deaths - ✔
A Baby – ✔
Stress that could make even the strongest woman crack – ✔ ✔
A year ago if you told me I’d wind up where I am today, I’d have you committed for insanity. Now that I’ve opened Pandora’s Box and survived more than most have in their lifetime, Death has knocked on our doorstep and welcomed himself inside. Learning that life isn’t always fair comes at a price. The question is, how much do I have to pay before I get a real chance at happiness, or am I destined to be alone forever? 
Warning: Proceed with caution. Contains adult sexual content, the excessive use of the F bomb, violence, and whatever else that makes it unsuitable for anyone under the age of 18.
Not a stand-alone, 3rd book in a Trilogy.
Must read Hopelessly Shattered & Hopeful Whispers previously

✯✯5 Devoted Stars!!!✯✯ 

When they say some things are worth the wait, it’s true sometimes. I’ve been waiting for the third and final part of Ryker and Kat’s story what feels like forever and OMG it was worth the wait. If you think you can read this and not the first two I’m here to tell you no you can’t. You must read the first two. 

I don’t want to give away the whole story to you simply bc you deserve to read and fall in love with this MC chapter yourself. 

This book is getting ready for Kat to have baby girl #3 into their lives. Kat has a bunch of decisions to make in her life that will effect her children and families lives. Kat’s not sure if she should stay in Texas or go back home. Kat loves Ryker. He’s the only man she’s ever loved. But, he’s put her threw the ringer. Kat needs to decide if she can forgive him and move forward with him together. 

Ryker has made some huge mistakes in his life. Leaving Kat and his daughters was the first. Vanessa was the second. He refuses to make a third when it comes to Kat. Ryker wants Kat and his girls in his house and lives forever. There’s this little boy who Kat says is his. He doesn’t wanna believe it ESP since a little boy wasn’t ever in their plans. But, he’ll do whatever he needs too in order to prove to Kat how much he loves her. 

This was such a beautiful story. Kat and Ryker are in my top fav couples that I’ve read. Even though they’ve gone thru hell and back their love is still number one and it’s what helps them get thru the hard spots in their lives. 

They also have an awesome support team. Their fathers Ghost and Bear are big bad ass grandpas who are scary as hell but the biggest teddy bears when they’re around Kat and their granddaughters. And, Kade. Omg!!! He needs his story and HEA of his own. Him and Kat’s relationship is best friends, brother & sister and enemies when need be. But, Kat being in Kade’s life has changed him. It’s made him softer and in a good way. Watching him take somebody under his arm and hopefully guiding him was beautiful. And, when Kat gives birth. Kade had me crying. 

This is a story you need to read now. I’m dying while waiting for Bink to finish the next Sacred Sinner MC book!!! I’m in love with Bink’s writing. She makes you feel like she’s talking to you. Like you’re listening to your friend tell you what happened in her life the last time you guys spoke. I hope she continues to write bc she’s fabulous at it. 

Author Bink Cummings was born and raised part of a biker/classic car addicted family. Upon coercion from her sacred sisters, she begun her newest journey in life--writing. When she's not shacked up in her home writing sexy fiction at all hours of the night, Bink enjoys oogling motorcycles and the men who ride them, taking care of her family, reading spicy romance novels, feeding her sock and Funko addiction, and cooking huge meals--especially her infamous chocolate chip cookies.